Streetdefense Concepts And Tactics

Philosophie und Prinzipien

Concepts and Tactics

  1. B.A.D.  Be aware… Avoid… Defend

    a) Always be aware of your surroundings
    b) Avoid dangerous situations and places
    c) Defend while attacking
  2. In a Streetfight there’s no Winning or Losing – there’s only Surviving
  3. You can’t survive an attack only by defending; you have to attack to survive

Principles and Guidelines

  1. Don’t get hurt!
  2. Hurt the attacker!
  3. Hit fast and first!
  4. Keep your defense as short as possible and your offense as long as necessary!
  5. Maintain constant forward pressure!
  6. Stay with both feet on the ground!
  7. Never go voluntarily to the ground!
  8. If you go to the ground, get up as fast as you can!
  9. Always use simple and natural movements that can be easily memorized by your sub-conscious mind! In a real encounter, you can only rely on your Sub-Consciousness, your Intuition and your Brain-Muscle-Memory.
  10. Reduce your arsenal of techniques to the minimum! (The fewer the better)

Knife-, Club and Gun-Defense

  1. R.C.A.D.  Redirect - Control - Attack - Disarm

Redirect: Stay or get out of the way of the weapon or stop or redirect it before it can reach its target!

Control: Catch the arm holding the weapon and don’t let loose until he is no longer capable of holding the weapon!

Attack: Inflict pain and damage! Destroy his mental resistance!

Disarm: Get control of the weapon or make him at least lose control of it!



January, 11th. 2011                                                                                                  © Juergen Zoeller